Poetry Corner: A Black Tale by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-09 Modified:2008-10-09
Summary:This is a free-form poem about Sirius Black. It discusses his friendships, family, his battles, his triumphs, and his death.
A Black Tale

Away he walks from all his past.
A friendship treasured more than blood.
His family scorns all that he loves,
This he must turn away from.

A proud Gryffindor,
Friendships he has forged.
Scorned by his Mother for not being Slytherin,
He fears not the results of his choice.

Truest friendship he has found,
With these three, mischief he has achieved,
Here he has also found trust till darkness descended.

A darkness that sent the Hound to prison,
Turned one friend to a traitorous Rat,
Caused him to doubt the shadowed Wolf,
and murdered the Stag.

Twelve years in Azkaban he suffered,
Till God-son endangered he saw.
The Rat at Hogwarts,
Betrayer at last was found.

Escape was achieved,
Reunited was he with the Wolf.
Forgiveness was received,
But the Rat fled again.

Emotional strife was had throughout his life.
In hiding he was now forced to be.
New relationships formed with his best friend’s son
Evil was also reborn.

A home to the Order was able to offer,
but hidden there he remained.
One last adventure
was he able to render.

To save young Harry from Him,
his life did he offer.
A duel with his cousin
caused him to fall through the Veil.

Harry did mourn,
his innocent actions caused guilt.
Now the Wolf alone remains of the Marauders,
The Rat, his back had he turned.

Sirius Black,
God-Father and Friend.
Rest In Peace
and know you are loved.

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