Vignette Collection: A Healer’s Studies by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-28 Modified:2008-09-28
Summary:Aria McFadden is studying potions in her studies as a Healer.
A Healer’s Studies

Electrodisruptum. Who would think that a spell could hurt someone so badly! Healer intern, Aria McFadden sat at her desk studying. Aria was entering the last portion of her internship, so now the more deadly spells, potions, injuries, and accidents were part of what she needed to look up and study. This spell required 10 potions to treat, some of which were to deal with the side-effects of some of the other potions…which if not treated, too would poison the patient.

“Electrodisruptum is a dark spell that causes all the energies of the body to become disrupted. It sends out a purple light when cast. It affects the brain, nervous system, and all the muscles of the body.” Aria read from the healing textbook. Wow, this spell would cause a lot of problems! I’m not sure that there isn’t an organ that would not be disrupted by the spell. This sounds a lot like the spell that killed Aurora.

She read on. “The patient has about 30 minutes to begin a series of 10 potions in order to survive this spell. In total the patient will need to be treated with the potions until all symptoms are relived.

The first potion reorganizes the electric energy in the patient’s body.

The second potion strengthens the diaphragm and allows the patient to breath.

The third potion eases the heart and strengthens the circulatory system.

The fourth potion brings the patient back to consciousness and strengthens brain function.

The fifth potion starts the healing process of the skeletal muscle and quickly returns movement to the patient.

The sixth potion regulates the hormones of the body.

The seventh is to protect the nervous system from over stimulation of the first potion, which could send the patient into seizures.

The eighth potion treats the pain that results from the electrical burns caused when the spell hits the patient.

The ninth potion heals the organs of the body and promotes good digestion.

The tenth potion relaxes the patient and enhances the properties of the other potions. Without the patient resting, optimum healing is impossible. See the next section on how to prepare each of these potions and their side-effects.”

Aria sighed. Potions were a strength for her, but little did she know that when Healer Thomas assigned her this spell that she would be up all night preparing 10 different potions, and glancing at the recipes, they all looked rather complex. If she hadn’t seen a spell such as this cast upon her sister that unforgettable day years ago, she may have just gone to bed. Memory of a purple flash throwing her sister into the maple tree in the backyard was more then enough to keep Aria motivated to move on. That evil Death Eater who had killed her sister was dead, but the taint of his evil lived on in the emptiness in Aria’s life, the place her twin sister should still be. At least she had George by her side now. He understood better then anyone what it was like to loose a twin.

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