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Rating:PG13 Created:2010-08-26
Genre:General Updated:2012-11-26
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Uh-oh, what did you do now, Sailor Pluto? (PHP)
The Destruction of the Silver Millennium (PHP)
The Calm in the Eye of the Storm (PHP)
The Devastation of a Fallen Empire (PHP)


Regret was abound, but in truth, there was no one else that would be able to make things right, despite what Pluto had said. The time was not supposed to have happened, but Sailor Moon was needed to correct the wrongs.
“This,” Sailor Pluto said, indicating the wide expanse around them with her hand, “is the end of the Silver Millennium.”

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Review by bin82501 2011-10-27

This story is fascinating. Brilliant concept. Please continue

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