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Rating:R Created:2009-02-08
Genre:General Updated:2010-02-25
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Snowflakes (PHP)
Into Temptation (PHP)
No Angel (PHP)
Something Dangerous (PHP)
First Day of a brand-new Year (PHP)
Minako Aino’s Ten Step Survival Guide to forgetting evil dead people for whom you might have harboured romantic feelings in another lifetime but don’t anymore because they only ever want to kill you anyhow. (PHP)
Crossing that Bridge once I come to it (PHP)
Metamorphoses (PHP)
Brave New World (PHP)
Out of the Blue, into the Water (PHP)
Round the decay of that colossal wreck, the lone stretch far way. (PHP)
A spoonful of disarray (PHP)
Splashing in a sea of wonder (PHP)
As hard as a vulcanized rubber disc (PHP)
Despair & Dessert (PHP)
One Mourner to a thousand Dead (PHP)
With Rocks and Stones and Trees (PHP)
In the early hours, we are all ghosts (PHP)
Quae pulchra, eadem difficilia. (PHP)
What dreams may come (PHP)
Moments (PHP)
how to engage in friendly small-talk and how to ruin it , all in one easy step (PHP)
Smashing near, Smoldering far (PHP)
let us sway together, under the trees, and to hell with thunder (PHP)
Bang back the Shutters (PHP)
Love is the Honour that kills and saves (PHP)
Let the storm wash the plates. (PHP)
Tick Tick Tick Boom (PHP)
Struck like lightning (PHP)
Can’t stop this thing we’ve started (PHP)
Three things Minako Aino didn’t say, and one that she did. (PHP)
The philosopher’s approach (PHP)
Still so mad, so bad, and oh so deliciously dangerous to know (PHP)
Lady of Love (PHP)
Teach Me Tonight (PHP)
The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most (PHP)
Landslide (PHP)
Running to stand still (PHP)
Chapter 39 - When it’s good, then it’s good, it’s so good till it goes bad (PHP)
Chapter 40 – Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole (PHP)
Chapter 41 - Postcards from the edge of the world (PHP)
Chapter 42: Send me a letter, I’ll send you my heart (PHP)
Epilogue - A year in the life of... (PHP)


Reunions come in many shapes and sizes. The senshi are about to experience them all.

Author's Comments:

Written for the Senshi/Shitennou SM_Monthly challenge, all chapters are more or less loosely connected. This is my first attempt at Sailor Moon fanfiction.
Most of the titles are either taken from Penny Vincenzi books or Edwin Morgan poetry.

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Review by serentiymoon 2009-04-07

Wow, I have to say I really love this story and I didn't realize how much until you stopped writing for a short time and I went into withdrawl. I adore your very interesting writing style and the focus you put on the senshi and not Usagi. Mina and Rei were always such interesting characters to me and I thik the way you develop their characters is brilliant. Also you really mad the Generals the perfect matches for their respective senshi. Continue writing and I hope you update soon!
Review by Sunwritten 2009-03-28

I began reading your story in livejournal, but it sorta became a pain in the ass considering i do not have livejournal i'm not able to leave comments. so i'm glad to find out your posting here!! i just want to tell you you are doing an amazing job. the characterization is awesome and i'm so glad you're doing this!!
Review by chibiangel 2009-03-15

I love that Hiromasa had a basset hound for his dog, since I have 2 myself.

I feel so sorry for Minako, Takeshi, Rei, and Ando. It must be hard dealing with everyting for them.

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