Vignette Collection: Apartment by chenoadawn

Fandom:Fullmetal Alchemist Rating:PG
Created:2007-02-02 Modified:2007-02-02
Summary:Takes place after the movie when Ed and Al have passed throught the gate.

The reality of life had been changed completely. What was real? Was it possible a life without alchemy was what was real? Did alchemy exist? On some plane of course it did. It had too.

Ed? Are you sure this is going to be okay? It was Noah. The girl that knew what he was missing, the girl that wanted to go back with him when he went to see Al.

Im sure its fine. The apartment had been rented for a year and that was just a couple of weeks ago. It will give us a time to get our bearings and figure out what is going on. Ed bumbled over his words. The girl did something to him that he just could not explain. It was not the same way he felt around Winry.

I am sorry about Alphonse, Ed. I know he was a good friend to you. Noah tried to reach out to Ed, but even she did not know how to go about it. Ed seemed to be unreachable most times. The only one that knew what went on in his mind was Al. But Noah imagined that was because of the link they shared. Not just being brothers, but also the alchemy.

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