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Rating:PG Created:2006-02-22
Genre:Angst Updated:2006-02-22
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A funeral brings some doubts to the Inner Court.

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Outers on vacation... hehehe ^_^;;

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Review by Araya 2006-11-15

My heart just broke when I read this story. The emotions are just so strong, so heart wrenching. Here we see a side of Crystal Tokyo that is not bliss and perhaps that makes this fic all the better. Such a beautiful and sad plot, keep up the good work.
Review by Starsea 2006-07-09

A sad and moving story, set during the far future. It is not the funeral itself which gives the story its poignancy, but the voice of Neo Queen Serenity and her many internal regrets about what this funeral means. Mortality and immortality are analysed carefully and gently through the pain of the senshi and royalty. The story is suffused in regret and sorrow, conveyed through the small details, such as the bracketing of the senshi's civilian names, Serenity's agonised thoughts on the future, and... (more)
Review by regie 2006-03-04

Wow, I get a "Ripples" vibe all over this story and I wonder if it was intentional or not, being "Ripples" one of your favorite fics and believe me, that's not bad at all. I like how you tackle the subject of immortality and how it can be both blessing and curse at the same time. Keep exploring the darker side of paradise, ne?

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