Vignette Collection: Fading Friendship by regie

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Created:2006-04-29 Modified:2006-04-29
Summary:genre_challenge - Aprl Genre: Angst - Theme: buildings (candy shop)
Fading Friendship

"I wonder how Kamina-kun is doing."

Mamoru absentmindedly tapped his notebook with his pencil, his thoughts immersed in the words that Hiroko had casually commented that Saturday after their mock tests. If only Hiroko knew the truth about Kamina, he wondered if she would be still so interested on him. Perhaps, she would finally pay him the attention he deserved instead.

That afternoon, as Tokyo began to regain normality after the attacks, it had been just the two of them and he was glad for it. It wasn't that he didn't miss Kamina, although in truth his friendship came as result of his work as a Mu agent, but when it came to Hiroko, he found himself being overly possessive and the fact that when the Ollin was around he felt like the proverbial third wheel made matters worst. Now without him around, he felt liberated.

"Look a new shop. Let's go and check it out" he had said as they stopped at the candy shop. They watched the colorful wrappers and tasty confections with anticipation.

"Everything looks scrumptious. I bet Kamina-kun would have also thought so" murmured Hiroko wistfully.

Mamoru didn't reply but by Hiroko's terrified expression, he knew he must have glared angrily at her. They left the store and boarded the train barely exchanging any words.

The pencil snapped and broke startling Mamoru. A new thought dawned upon him: the certainty that his friendship with Kamina would never be same again.

Such a small price for her..

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