Vignette Collection: From a distance by regie

Fandom:Twelve Kingdoms Rating:PG
Created:2006-04-29 Modified:2006-04-29
Summary:genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: holidays (New Year's Day)
From a distance

Sekishi, Queen of Kei was helped out of her royal robes, her long day finally coming to an end. Her Kirin, Keiki had retired to his chambers after a briefing with her closest advisers about the rebuilding of the country after years of decay under Jyoei. The task was daunting and the ministers were still skeptical about her abilities as a ruler.

The girl formerly known as Nakajima Youko sighed. It was still somewhat testing to find herself wearing the ornate and often heavy garments that she was required to wear when holding court but clothing was just one of the things she still struggled
to get used to. She was about to go to bed when she sensed the sword Suiguu stir and glow.

A vision.

With hesitant hands, Youko pulled the sword from the dead scabbard and the image she saw brought forth emotions that had been subsided in her new reality. It was New Year's day in Tokyo and the city gleamed in celebration but two figures didn't share the celebratory mood. The sadness for the loss of their daughter was still painfully evident.

“Otou-san, okaa-san, I miss you...!”

The vision blurred as her tears fell over the blade, tears not from a Queen but from the teen-aged girl who had been swept away from her former reality and brought to the foreign land that held the highest of expectations towards her.

Tonight, in the privacy of her room, a ruler weeped for what she'd left behind.

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