Vignette Collection: Red-blooded emotions by regie

Fandom:RahXephon Rating:PG13
Created:2006-04-06 Modified:2006-04-06
Summary:Third installment of the Unrequited love series
Red-blooded emotions

Red-blooded emotions
A RahXephon vignette by regie27
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“O god, O heart of god, death to thee for killing Hiroko!”

The Obbrigatto rushes the clear blue sky, blue as the blood that runs through his Mulian veins, towards the true Xephon and the half-breed Instrumentalist who had been chosen despite his unworthiness to reach the ultimate honor: Yolteotl. The traitor had finally dared to shed his human trappings to become a god and he was going to be to challenge him. He was going to be there to avenge her death.

Light blue was the sky above and deep blue was the ocean beneath but he could only see the red of rage, red as the blood of the cursed humans who had condemned him and his people to a life of oblivion. The moment had finally arrived for the Mu to reclaim their true position but none of that really mattered to him, not without her at his side. The emptiness that sank him more and more into the pitch blackness of despair and the seething hatred that choked on his throat like bile could only be alleviated with the death of the one whose hands were still tainted in azure.

“She loved you” he mumbles between clenched teeth. “Hiroko loved you like she could never love me but now nothing matters anymore because she's dead and it was you who killed her!”

Mamoru shivers as his mind flashes through the blood-stained pages of her diary and the desperate, heart-wrenching confession they contained. His head throbs under the mask that joins him with the Obbrigatto and he can sense the stirrings of an incipient nausea at the pit of his stomach as he relives all over the instant his eyes found the desperate words she had jutted down the small notebook as the sole testimony of her feelings. The cerulean-tinted words that wounded him like a stake piercing his heart wide open had been the climax to the revelation that had been unveiled against his own will. Despite his hatred for humans, he had succumbed to emotions that had been alien and so…so human-like to him until the day he found himself wishing Hiroko could look at him the same way she looked at Kamina. Each moment he caught her staring at the boy he had began to see less as the person he had to protect and more as a friend, the air around him became thinner and another emotion, one that slowly began to build inside him like the spark that grows into an uncontrollable fire, grew as deep as his affection for the girl and just as intense.

“Why couldn't you love me like you loved him? What did I had to do to win your affection?”

Moisture slips past his clenched jaw. His fingers wind up in a fist so tightly that drops of blood pool from his pierced palm fall to the floor. The discomfort pulls him out of his recollections, making him glance down. Upon the sight, sweat begins to profusely drench his forehead. The blood that poured down was not azure but crimson. “The timbre that praises the color indigo is dull and stagnant. Hatred cloud's a person's timbre” Quon al Padis had commented to him. How deep and true her insight proved to be.

The form of the white true Xephon, floating aimlessly and defenseless is now at mere feet from his location. Only one concern, one purpose will quiet the disturbing and suffocating emotions that pull inside him. Only one thing will grant his heart peace.

“Hiroko, today you will be avenged.”

And with that single purpose, Shinon Meru Baramu, the Mulian who unwittingly became human, flies towards the human boy who unwittingly became a god.

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