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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-06-14
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-08-29
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0: Introduction (HTML)
1: Basics (HTML)
2: Rumors (HTML)
3: Tsukinousagi (HTML)
4: The Hearing (HTML)
5: Coocor (HTML)
6: Gathering Evidence (HTML)
7: A Day in Court (HTML)
8: Sailor Zra (HTML)
9: Sailor Dyka (HTML)
10: Helping Out (HTML)
11: Public Opinion (HTML)
12: Setback (HTML)
13: Astramort (HTML)
14: Argument (HTML)
15: Humbuggers and Freys (HTML)
16: Resurrection (HTML)
17: Downfall (HTML)
18: Yomokei (HTML)
19: Brutus (HTML)
20: Forbidden (HTML)
21: No Rainbow (HTML)
22: Decision (HTML)
23: Loss (HTML)
24: Mamochan (HTML)
25: Kidnapped (HTML)
26: Incognito (HTML)
27: Epiphany (HTML)
28: Sailor Kastalle (HTML)
29: Ozwara (HTML)
30: The Murderer (HTML)
31: The Brooch (HTML)
32: Interrogation (HTML)
33: Crooked (HTML)
34: Revelation (HTML)
35: The Truth (HTML)
36: Sailor Kepe…. (HTML)
37: Poenagorde (HTML)
38: Smoking Gun (HTML)
39: Battle (HTML)
40: Faltering (HTML)
41: Sailor Soldiers (HTML)
42: Sailor Galaxia (HTML)
43: In Closing (HTML)
43: Epilogue (HTML)
666: Author's Notes (HTML)
1101: Author's Notes, Part Deux (HTML)


Imagine a universe where sailor soldiers are subjected to their own system of government above that of the people they protect. A universe the reverence - and corruption - can easily go hand in hand. A universe where a hero is being persecuted for doing the right thing so that a great and terrible secret is kept at the cost of more than one person's life.

This is the story of that universe...which is both yours and mine. My name is Sailor Themis.

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Review by ruminant 2007-06-07

Unfortunately, I went MIA right in the middle of when this fic was being written.

When Dejana was here, we were talking about The Great Matter and I thought I should come back and finish reading the last few chapters.

This is, hands down, the most original thing I've ever seen. I love Themis.

It even inspired me to make an avatar. :-) Something I haven't done in a very, very long time.
Review by Bella*Luna 2007-02-05

Well, this thing just sucks you right in doesn't it.

This was an amazing story that took about 2 weeks to finish. I was sneaking into .moon at work and reading whole chapters (several if I could), I recently purchased my new computer and in the final chapters I could be found sumped over on my couch as I got deeper and deeper into the battle, unsure of what would happen, trying to keep warm but not wanting to stop to get a blanket.

This was really a great feat, som... (more)
Review by Jessica Pendragon 2006-10-11

Love it, and you know I do! ^_^

One of the best unique SM fics I've ever read. I love the main character you've created, she's both believable and refreshing. Sometimes I got a little confused as to what was goind on but it was nothing a quick re-read couldn't fix. I love all the action and mystery, good job!

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