General Library: Disillusionment by Ravyn

Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:PG13 Created:2009-01-07
Genre:Drama Updated:2009-01-07
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Sixth Year: Part One (PHP)
Sixth Year: Part Two (PHP)


James Potter proves to one Lily Evans that she can trust him Ė at least with her life... Sort of.

Author's Comments:

I havenít read Deathly Hollows so the odds that some of what I have written does not match are likely. Which is why I have placed it under Alternate Universe. Researched as best I was able but glossed a few things over, obviously.

Best consider this some strange mix of AU and Cannon.

After the story, there are some notes that I have made to explain some of the choices I made while writing this particular one-shot.

A big thank you to Vashka_Kat who made sure I didnít screw up something simple. She is completely and utterly the best, ever.

Disclaimer: Do not own any characters in Harry Potter.

Warnings: Beside the crack? Some swearing, some violence, some lime.

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