Vignette Collection: Shidarezakura by regie

Fandom:RahXephon Rating:PG
Created:2006-07-09 Modified:2006-07-09
Summary:genre_challenge - April Genre: Angst - Theme: Month (April)

The day was perfect for hanami. It was a bright day, with a chilly but not freezing breeze that gently swayed the branches overflowing with the delicate, white blossoms. Itsuki was proud that his habit of waking up early had payed off as he had successfully nabbed a nice spot at the campus park to watch the spectacle of the sakura blossoms in full bloom that April morning.

Itsuki lifted his glasses from the tip of his nose, noticing how the lawn around him began to crowd by the campus populace as his eyes began to scan the crowds in search of her. Unlike him, she wasn't much of a morning person but he knew she wouldn't miss this for anything. After all, they had enthusiastically planned together in detail how this day was going to be spent. After many years overseas he was really looking forward for this year's hanami and her company made the event even more special.

The people came and went as the hours passed by but they never found each other. Perhaps she had favored another spot away from the gathering. Maybe he had just missed her in the crowd. Suddenly, blossoms and drops of rain slipped down from the weeping cherry tree, perhaps crying for him the tears he would never shed. His, just as his heart, laid frozen under the winter's storm.

It was springtime but Itsuki kept forgetting that his relationship with Haruka had ended on a cold, winter's day.



1. Shidarezakura - weeping cherry tree
2. hanami - cherry blossom (sakura) viewing

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Review by blue 2006-07-12

oh, that's cold. Like, rejection on ice.

Poor Itsuki, sharing everything with his clone - including obsession with a certain captain - and,... (more)

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