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Rating:PG13 Created:2007-05-22
Genre:Romance Updated:2007-05-22
Style:General Status:Complete

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Usagi is injured in an attack and when she wakes up, she believes she is still Princess Serenity during the Silver Millenium.

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Review by Bella*Luna 2007-05-29

That was adorable. I teared up at the end! Very cute, very strong ending.

Formatting and technical issues, but its fanfiction right? You're supposed to have fun with it.

I wanna say the ending was quick, but I think that it was just because I read it fast; going back over it in my head, it doesn't feel rushed at all. The story flows very well with itself, the characters are very synched with canon, you didn't write Luna and Artemis in but, to each their own righ... (more)
Review by waterflu 2007-05-29

What a sweet story. Not a complete fluff, just romantic and original. You managed to write one of the most overused plot arcs in a fun and unique way. Hope to see more of your work archived at dotmoon!

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