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Rating:PG13 Created:2005-10-29
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-01-18
Style:General Status:Incomplete

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A single decision can impact the lives of many. Two senshi made a decision that saved many lives... at a cost.

Author's Comments:

I set the rating at PG-13 to be on the safe side. So far it's only a PG though.

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Review by AngelMoon Girl 2010-03-22

Ooh, intriguing start. I can only hope you will continue on with this story of loss and redemption as Ami struggles to come to terms with the civilian death she inadvertently caused. Hmm. I wonder what spark is going to set off the resurgence of her powers; how badly a fight will devolve before Ami regains a sense of faith in her abilities? Ack, you've got me on a theorizing tangent ^^ Again, very good and I love the carefully crafted evolution of character that is slowly building up here. Updat... (more)
Review by Dejana Talis 2005-11-14

What I love about this story so far is the attention to the characters of the Senshi. It's not that they failed to save someone, or that they had to sacrifice someone, it's a complete unintentional accident - and they still feel as guilty as if they had performed an execution. As a reader it's easy to think, "come on, it's not that bad," but those who really know the Senshi will understand that this is the way they would react. I also love that all the Senshi react a little differently, like a r... (more)

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