General Library: Blue Side of the Moon by Ravyn

Fandom:Rurouni Kenshin
Rating:R Created:2007-09-24
Genre:Action Updated:2008-09-23
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Reality

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When police hunt to execute magekind, and Yakuza offer a deadly refuge, Kamiya Kaoru finds herself caught up in a game she barely understands. A game with few rules, too many consequences and a man darker than any she has ever met.

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Review by Violetcarson 2010-05-30

This is now one of my absolute favorite of your fics! I mean, wow! The interactions between all of the characters were simply entrancing, and I adored your description of Kenshin's rage, and then the battle. The entire thing rocked totally. Now, I simply must find a sequel. Or continuation. There must be more to this than these 5 gorgeous chapters!!!!
Review by stella_bomb 2009-03-08

You know, I didn't think I was into fantasy fanfiction, but I guess I am because I am completely in love with this story. The relationship between Kenshin in Kaoru is really well depicted.
Review by lunerbrittania 2009-01-12

I have read this story before, and everytime I come back to read it again. All of your storys are compelling and make me want to keep on reading. Great job. And I can't wait for your next story. I hope you have the time to write a possable sequel to this story sometime.

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