General Library: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Papirini

Rating:R Created:2007-04-02
Genre:Comedy Updated:2008-07-21
Style:Parody/MST Status:Complete

The Revolutionary Text-File Teaser (Text)
Zero: Waiver of Service (HTML)
1: Batteries Not Included (HTML)
2: Each Sold Separately (HTML)
3: Buy One, Get One Free (HTML)
4: Some Assembly Required (HTML)
5: No Purchase Necessary (HTML)
6: May Contain Nuts (HTML)
7: Void Where Prohibited (HTML)
Final: May Cause Heartburn (HTML)


For conquest. For glory. For Pop-Tarts.

Author's Comments:

Get ready for the greatest R-rated Silver Millennium fanfic ever.....with a revolutionary text-file teaser!

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Review by Huitzil 2007-12-13

I think this fic is most effective when you're contrasting the assumed flawless beauty of the Moon Kingdom and faceless evil of the Earth invaders with their actual petty, idiotic, (and humorous) failings. The duke getting trashed on wine coolers and moaning about wanting to "DOOO" the Princess is funny because it's such a complete juxtaposition with the perfect fairy-tale ballroom. When the Earth soldiers start working themselves up into a frenzy about what they're going to do to the women, it'... (more)
Review by ruminant 2007-05-30

Zoicite is such a pothead. :-)

This is the funniest thing I've read in a long, long time.
Review by ruminant 2007-04-22

I just don't think a new order could survive without french toast.

Very funny, Papi-chan! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

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