Vignette Collection: Fire by regie

Fandom:Silent Mobius Rating:PG
Created:2006-04-29 Modified:2006-04-29
Summary:genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: Household objects (refrigerator)

Two weeks had passed since Kiddy Phenil had completed the reconstructive process that offered her a second chance at life. The former detective flexed and moved her mostly mechanical arms with a mixture of awe and despair.

This new, strong body that was going to allow her to find Wire one day was also the constant reminder of what it had been robbed from her. What she had lost that fateful night when she faced head on the dreaded cop killer that had decimated her unit. The night her body was found butchered beyond conventional repair and her soul hung between worlds while she desperately clung to what had been left of herself.

Her bio-mechanical feet moved nimbly towards the kitchen. The light from the refrigerator illuminated her synthetic skin with a surreal glow as she savored the bitter taste of a cold beer, one of the few things that belonged to the remaining 30% human components of her body. Her fingers ran over the taut, sturdy skin that wasn't flesh but a functional imitation, its main purpose to hide the metal and the wiring that substituted tendons and veins and bone.

Megadyne. Hope and hatred in the same word.

Kiddy Phenil died as a human one dark and wet Tokyo night by the cold madness of a berserk megadyne. She had been reborn a megadyne. She had become the enemy to defeat the enemy.

“Fight fire with fire.”

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