Vignette Collection: Secret by regie

Fandom:RahXephon Rating:PG
Created:2006-04-06 Modified:2006-04-06
Summary:The first of a series of vignettes on unrequited love.

A RahXephon vignette by regie27

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“…will you ever be able to feel the way I do?"

Hiroko watched Kamina with the corner of her eye, her stomach stirring with the proverbial butterflies and her breath caught in her throat, fearing that he might notice her intense stare upon him. Her fears were unfounded though, as he was complete wrapped up on the variety show they were both watching on the TV screen. An occasional chuckle would burst from his lips making his face brighten with the most breathtaking smile she had ever seen. His eyes, deep blue as two small oceans, would suddenly twinkle and his whole face would lit up and she felt she wanted to bask in the warm, bright light his whole being seemed to emanate. A stray lock of hair felt over his brow and she could barely contain the impulse of pushing it aside just to have the chance to drown into his eyes again.

She shifted her left hand just a little, yet she could feel so clearly the presence of his hand beside hers, so close and inviting she felt her nerve endings of her hand tingle in anticipation. If only she could be bold enough to reach out and intertwine her fingers with his and feel the strong yet gentle pressure of his hand holding hers. If only she could be so bold and steal a kiss from those soft lips. If only…

He laughed again and she delighted in the childish expression his face took. The ring of his laughter had a wonderful lilt to it so contagious she couldn't help but to laugh alongside him. Ayato glanced at her momentarily, smiling, and she smiled back, wishing her smile could convey all the emotions his mere presence stirred inside her heart, but she was sure he didn't notice because his eyes fixated again on the TV screen and away from her. In the end, even with the time they have spent together and his gentle attentions, she knew he saw her as he had always did, knowing she couldn't aspire to be more than just Asahina to him. He would never say her first name like Mamoru did, with a longing that sometimes scared her in its intensity; he would never yearn for her like he did for Mishima Reika, for a ghost of a girl that none of them could be sure if she ever existed. No, she was only Asahina, a friend, and he would never know how that the certainty that to his eyes she was nothing more than a friend tore her heart inside out. And so, another evening went by, her emotions kept locked up away from him, waiting for her to gather enough courage to let him know. She knew she couldn't stop the flood from spilling out from much longer.

"Kamina Ayato, one day, you will know."

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