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Rating:PG Created:2006-01-08
Genre:Drama Updated:2006-01-08
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

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On the outside, Ami Mizuno is Japan's high school genius, and also the famous Sailor Mercury. Underneath, however, is a flaw that she is the essence of her life - a silent secret that seperates her from her peers, even from her friends, and has shown its power to destroy everything Ami held dear.

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An Ami fiction.

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Review by sonrar de mercury 2009-03-18

Hey. I loved you're story. Like your Ami I had some issues to deal with as a child. So this story I could relate to. I often wondered about Ami's back story—why her father left. I also had mixed feelings about her intellect. You see I read somewhere the geniuses like Ami often have medical problems regarding the brain. So I wondered of there was something behind the scene going on. You picked one of my top three idea—Dyslexia, Autism, and OCD.
It was well written. I even diagnosed her be... (more)
Review by blue 2006-01-16

I totally agree with Starsea, next to Ripples by Laura Hudson, this is my all time favorite Ami fanfiction.

Plllluuussss... you mentioned my school in it! *SQUEE!*

The emotions are soooo good, its well written, well structured and holds the mystery throughout. I LOVED the fact about what happened between Usagi and Ami. I just loved everything about this!

Keep up the great work!
Review by Starsea 2006-01-11

This is one of the best Ami stories I have ever read. There isn't much Ami fanficition, and even less that delves into her personality and her family background. You investigate her drive to succeed and her loneliness with careful and sympathetic interest, as well as her relationship with her parents.

Ami's mother comes off much better in this story than many others, with her fierce determination to make sure that Ami is treated correctly; Ami's father seems to be the villain of ... (more)

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