Vignette Collection: Promises by phenomenon

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-11-19 Modified:2008-11-19
Summary:A moment between Draco and Hermione

'Will you promise me something?' she whispered, her eyes wide and vulnerable.

He turned his head back to her, his hand still on the doorknob. He waited for her explanation.

'Promise me you won't run away again. I don't... I don't think he can do this without you.'

Draco's head dropped away from her stare. 'He can though. He's the 'chosen one,' remember? And who am I?'

'You're more important than you realise, Draco.'

'But only to Harry, right?' he muttered, his eyes closing out her image.

Her next words were barely audible. 'I never said that.'

He shook his head slowly and entered his bedroom. The door clicked shut with a spiteful finality, and Draco stood a long moment with his head against the cool doorframe.

'You never said otherwise,' he sighed, before turning to be embraced by the darkness.

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