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Rating:PG13 Created:2008-08-19
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-08-19
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Perfect in Weakness (PHP)


Team 7. Team Hebi. Sai. Because when Sasuke comes home he brings some people with him and some interactions are more hostile than others. Team 7 never said they'd share.

Author's Comments:

This is a result of being annoyed at the Sakura-getís-kidnapped-by-Sasuke-and-forced-to-join-Team-Hebi. Why is that the only place that Team Hebi can interact with the rest of Team 7? Also, why does Sakura still have personal issues with her self worth? Sasuke can (and does/will) be able to find the cracks in her armor, but everyone else I think has to work a little harder.

So once I got off my soap box, I decided to play with the ideaÖ what happened if Jugo and Karin survived long enough to reach Konoha?


So thatís what we got.

I apologize in advance. Sai has no tact.

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