General Library: Singing Fishes and Sparkles by ruminant

Rating:PG Created:2007-06-01
Genre:Comedy Updated:2007-06-01
Style:Parody/MST Status:Complete

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  2007 Spring Challenge Entry (Theme: Luck)


Sailor Uranus is having a streak of bad luck.

Author's Comments:

I wrote this for dotmoon's Spring fanfic contest.

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Review by Chmia 2010-03-31

I giggled throughout the whole story. ^^ I loved the idea of using the Lucky Charms cereal box. However, sometimes I felt as if things were ... rushed or incomplete, as if I wasn't give enough information. I'm not sure why. *Shrugs*
Review by Starsea 2007-06-05

Mwhahaha, very funny. It's so much fun to torture Haruka, isn't it? I love the other senshi trying to help her and only making things a little worse.

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