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Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG
Created:2008-11-19 Modified:2008-11-19
Summary:Hundreds of years ago, there lived a great wizard named Merlin. At least, that’s what the history books say...
The Brethren - Concept

Most men do not know the true story of the Merlin the Great. The history of this time period was rarely written down and never verified. However, our ledgers tell his complete story - life, death, and all that came in between. Our ledgers say that we killed him.

You see, it is not the death that is important, but rather, the reasoning behind the death.

Throughout all of time, there has been a constant and possibly epic battle between the common man and those men who stand to rule over them. What history has show is that power corrupts. Tyrants rule and men suffer beneath them. When the oppressed fight back, it is either in vain or results in an anarchical state of society, where no man rules and all men are driven down by their inability to enforce the law.

What we offer is another option, a way for there to be smooth transitions in a world where no man wants to take enough responsibility to stand up for himself. We might be murderers, but who says that we aren't also right?

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