General Library: Path of Thorns by Ravyn

Fandom:Rurouni Kenshin
Rating:R Created:2008-12-26
Genre:Drama Updated:2009-07-29
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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When the Himura Heir returns from his travels overseas, he brings with him a rumor of madness. Kaoru hardly expects the rumors to be true – or to find herself trapped in a magical ploy for revenge.

Author's Comments:

Vague play on Beauty and the Beast.

A BIG thank you to VashkaKat and Ming Hui Tseng for all their help with this chapter!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Rurouni Kenshin or Beauty and the Beast. Sad, but true.

Warning: Magic, probably adult themes.

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Review by phantome101 2009-05-22

Love update...

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