General Library: Heaven and Earth: The Path to Crystal Tokyo by PhoenixStAr

Rating:PG Created:2008-03-10
Genre:Action Updated:2008-03-10
Style:General Status:Complete

Chapter One (PHP)


Just as the Senshi grow up and settle into every day lives complete with careers and responsibilities, events are set into motion for Crystal Tokyo to be built. But can they find the Shitennou and the Golden Crystal in time to save the world from Darkness first? (UsaMamo and possible Senshi/Shitennou)

Author's Comments:

So hereís my personal disclaimer: I havenít written for BSSM since 2003, nor have I even read anything from the fandom in just as long. But Iíve recently been bitten by a plot bunny that I just couldnít fight off! So be kind, Iím just slowly getting into the voices and characters again. Please review and let me know what you think!

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Review by Araya 2008-03-17

I'm interested to see where you're going with this. Good work. I love the relationship you show us between Usagi and Mamoru. It's very heartwarming.

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