Vignette Collection: The Cost of Losing by Roses Ablaze

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2007-06-04 Modified:2007-06-04
Summary:Kunzite and Mamoru lose a game of kemps. Shounen-ai. Done for sm_monthly's February theme (OTP; I chose Kunzite and mamoru as my couple). The daily theme was Kiss.
The Cost of Losing

Mamoru was pretty sure his heart had stopped with disappointment. He was not a competitive person by nature, but this was one time when he really did not to lose. He was determined to win, more determined than he had ever been at any card game, and he was sure that that extra effort would have gotten him a victory.

He was also hoping that Usagi, his fiancée, would let him win, given what the losing team had to do if they lost. She had been as opposed to the idea as he was, and the only way her best friend and teammate, Minako, could get her to agree to it was that the losing team also had to buy each member of the winning team a gift of their choice. But Usagi did not let him win, and now he was stuck in a situation he would have rather not been in.

He looked at the opposing team pleadingly. Minako looked back triumphantly and expectantly. Obviously she wasn’t letting up. He then looked over at Usagi, who looked less excited (much less excited, in fact) than Minako, but it soon became obvious that there was no getting out of this.

He turned to Kun, his best friend. Mamoru was acutely aware of the fact that this was a male friend. The indifferent expression on his face would have been disconcerting enough if he hadn’t sensed with his empathic abilities that Kun was not, in fact, indifferent.

Kun got closer to Mamoru until they were almost touching. He placed one hand on each side of Mamoru’s face, tilting his head upward, and both men closed their eyes as their lips met softly.

It actually wasn’t all that unpleasant, considering the fact that Kun was not a woman and certainly not the love of his life. Mamoru felt himself relax into Kun’s body in spite of himself. He even let Kun slip his tongue into Mamoru’s mouth and explore it gently. Kun tasted slightly cold, not sweet like Usagi, and somehow Mamoru was reminded of a peaceful winter landscape where tiny snowflakes glittered in the sunlight.

They pulled away from each other after a few moments. Mamoru turned to his two blond opponents to find that Minako was smirking. Usagi’s expression was difficult to read, but Mamoru thought she looked even less amused than she looked a few minutes ago.

“What?” Kun finally asked, irritated.

“Oh nothing,” Minako said. “It’s just that the agreement was to kiss. You didn’t have to do it so intimately.”

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