Vignette Collection: Broken Glass, Broken Bums by Papirini

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2006-02-16 Modified:2006-02-16
Summary:sm_monthly drabble.
Broken Glass, Broken Bums

The Tokyo night was unusually silent, especially for such a large city. In the Minato ward, in particular, there were few people out on the streets. The freak February blizzard that had hit them ensured that most people were inside keeping warm, schools were shuttered for the time being and businesses were closed-


-which made the shattering glass of the fur couturier's window echo through the street as the two sailor senshi were violently flung out, landing in, then buried under, two large piles of snow on the curb. Inside the store, mirror, light and flame flashed rapidly, creating an atmospheric battle rave for those who were still fighting the monster within.

“AAAAUGH!!” Sailor Jupiter clenched her fists as her head popped out of the glass-embedded snow. With a snarl she pounded the snow. “Monster!! That was a cheap shot!! I am so going to trounce you for that!!!” Then, with a motion towards the other pile in the snow, “come on, Sailor Moon!!”
“Mmmm.” From the pile, Sailor Moon's blonde odangoes popped out of the debris. Her voice was muffled by the snow. “You go right ahead and trounce it, Jupiter. Just give me a few minutes...I think...I broke something in my butt.”
“...Ok! See you when you're ready!!”

Shaking the glass from her hair and the snow off her dress, Jupiter charged forward, leaping back through the broken window to continue the fight. In response, Sailor Moon slowly rose, moaning as she rubbed her behind.

“Cocoa,” she moaned as she hobbled back towards the window, shivering. Lighting began flashing inside the building as Jupiter resumed her offensive. “Weeh, I hate this. I want hot cocoa....and marshsmallows....and a blanky...and my pajamas....and my chocolates for Mamo-chan...!”

With a half-hearted leap, Sailor Moon dragged herself back into the store and into the fight. Thoughts of a nice evening in a warm cozy house, with her Mamo-chan snuggling her with a cozy Valentine's Day hug after a long day fighting, arose in her mind. That future payoff was the only thing that kept her going against the monster for another thirty minutes.

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