General Library: Gilded Cage by regie

Fandom:Twelve Kingdoms
Rating:PG Created:2006-01-14
Genre:Angst Updated:2006-01-15
Style:General Status:Complete

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After defeating Jyoei and finally claiming back her kingdom, Youko takes a moment to reflect at the foot of her throne what it means to be a ruler.

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Review by Carrie Asagiri 2006-07-02

Just amazing!!! Very touching and so straight to the character's canon. When I saw that scene in the series, I found it very touching too, this single scene express so much beyond any word. And you really express all the fears from Youko. Just great.
Review by twiknham 2006-05-28

Holy smokes, I can't believe how realistic this is! I can see Youko sitting there, carrying more insecurities than armor. What a wonderful characture, I hope you also consider this a character study. Thank you Regie!

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