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Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity. —Frank Leahy

The story of one who dared to defy a god, and paid dearly for it. It sounds elegant enough, but once you meet "Pokiro", you'll want to kick his ass too.

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Review by 00idiot 2010-06-19

classic-the irony of trying to get the approval of the person this ass is trying to beat is just too much
Review by Krysia 2006-01-11

I really enjoyed this story. You highlighted the relationship of Chibi-usa and Hotaru in a nice subtle way. Chibi-usa is not the whiny brat that most seem to portray. Using an outside character to emphasize how reticent Hotaru is and how important her friendship with Chibi-usa was well done and avoided the curse of 'Mary-sue-ishness' that the fandom is plagued with.
Review by Starsea 2006-01-08

Seriously, seriously funny story. Pokiro is such a loser, and what's scary is that he doesn't even know this. He thinks he's the centre of the world. I'd like to know why he was taken out of his private school - because of all the things he won from the other kids?

The wonderful irony of him praying to Sailor Saturn is beautifully conveyed. Especially since the reader knows he's never going to win. Ever. Mwhahaha.


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