Vignette Collection: Shattered childhood by regie

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Created:2006-04-29 Modified:2006-04-29
Summary:genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: Folklore (The Easter Bunny)
Shattered childhood

Makoto didn't believe in the Easter Bunny. Or in the tooth fairy. Or in Santa Claus for that matter.

The day he had found out of the existence of the Easter Bunny, it had been just another unremarkable Sunday morning until Helena arrived to the common dining room holding a basket with colorful egg and bunny shaped chocolates. Of course in her usual fashion, she had bragged about being the one chosen by the aforementioned character for the gift while he and Itsuki had none. The rest of the day both he and Itsuki wondered sadly why the Easter Bunny had forgotten about them. Later he found out through his teacher that the gift in fact had come from uncle Ernst and not from a fantastical hare and that in fact, it didn't existed at all.

Then the day the rest of his beliefs were shattered arrived. It was the day he attempted to escape with the mud doll to search for his parents. When he was found in the river dirty and wet, with mud caked in his silver locks, his teacher coldly revealed the futility of his effort because he didn't have any parents to search for to begin with.

Makoto didn't believe in the Easter Bunny or in the tooth fairy on in Santa Claus anymore. That day, all his childhood myths died. Holding a hardened piece of mud in his fingers, Makoto learned that from that day on, he could only believe in himself.

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