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Alucard vs. Anderson

Artist's Comments:

Auctioned this off at Otakon 2006. The text effect in the background was more pain than it was worth.


The text behind the characters is as follows (both found in various places throughout the Hellsing manga).

"We are Iscariot. As apostles yet not apostles. As believers yet not believers. As traitors yet not traitors. We art disciples of death. The death disciple group. Only bowing and praying forgiveness of the lord. Only bowing and defeating the enemies of the lord. Wielding our dagger in the night and poisoning the evening meal. We art assassins. The assassin Judas."
(top line)

"That which defeats a monster is always a man. That is all. That's the way of war. They gambled all they had on the cards in their own weak hand. No one can change that. Not god, not the devil, not me, not you. Come follow me in fear through the darkest gloom. In the name of god, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation."
(bottom line)

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Critique by olesia 2006-08-15

Your use of contrast and balance in this is excellent, and the negative space makes it very clean.
What does the text behind the characters say?

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