Poetry Corner: Ghost in the Shadows by cwiddy

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2009-03-05 Modified:2009-03-05
Summary:free-form poem dealing with relationships... how sometimes someone can feel like the other doesn’t see him/her
Ghost in the Shadows

Hello! Do you hear me?
Standing right here waiting for you to respond?
Am I invisible? Do you not see me?
The pain in my hear t shouldn’t be that hard to see.

A cloud of uncertainty has covered me up,
Not sure what is happening,
But you seem to be ambivalent towards me.
I feel like a ghost in the shadows.

I speak and get but minimal response.
I type out a letter just to help you see.
I sit here hurting because there is no response.
“HELLO!” my heart screams, respond to me!

Life can get busy, every day distractions taking on importance.
But a relationship can’t last if it is thrown to the back burner.
I told you I love you, I’ve told you my side,
But no reply is received by the ghost in the shadows.

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