General Library: Hyuuga’s Rival by Norma Lizeth

Rating:R Created:2009-06-25
Genre:Romance Updated:2009-06-25
Style:General Status:Incomplete

The Tsukyuga (PHP)
Opposite and Alike (PHP)
Little Hyuuga Problems (PHP)
Mina’s Truth (PHP)
The Clan’s Misfit (PHP)
The Biggest Dare of her Life (PHP)
Friends and Dates (PHP)
Me, you and, them (PHP)
Kakashi’s Friend (PHP)
Winter Love (PHP)


Hinata finds her rival.A girl from the clan that is rival from hers that arrives to the village after 30 years of been hidden.They are different& very alike and mostly when it comes on getting certain blonde’s attention

Author's Comments:

If any of you visit Fanfiction, you might have already stumble upon this one. I will gladly take any kind request to correct grammar errors.
I don't own Naruto

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