General Library: Hide and Seek in Cemeteries by Kihin Ranno

Rating:PG Created:2009-07-03
Genre:Angst Updated:2009-07-03
Style:General Status:Complete

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When youíre a child, you donít really understand death. Even when you lose someone when youíre young, you never really understand the permanence of death until youíre much older. I learned what death was when I was fourteen and the man I loved died in my arms.

Author's Comments:

Written for circuitously for the 1st Sailor Moon Fic/Art Exchange on LiveJournal. I wound up taking this as something of a last minute pinch hit when the original pinch hitter flaked on me. I really enjoyed writing it as Naru/Nephrite is a pairing I like in theory, but don't tend to seek out in fanfiction.

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Review by Jessica Pendragon 2009-07-07

Oooooh you. I love you and your one liners of awesomeness. :) I don't really think much about Nephrite and Naru (because of a certain pairing that I love, obviously) but you can always bring something together and make it a more than plausible reality.

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