Poetry Corner: Hope in the Night by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-24 Modified:2008-09-25
Summary:Ginny Weasley is tormented by her feelings as she worries about Harry.
Hope in the Night

Helplessly she sits alone,
Pondering what may become.
Her heart is worried.
Doubt fills her mind.
Hoping that all will be well.

Tears threaten to fall.
Her heart is aching.
Worry starts to consume her.
A light shines out in the dark,
Orion shines his guarding light.

A hope of protection,
For him and her.
A reminder of their love.
Bright embers burn,
Their warmth extends.

Memories burn within her mind.
Of pain and sorrow,
Of hope and love,
Sorrow strengthens hope.
Pain strengthens love.

Love and happiness are worth the price,
Of potential loss and sadness.
Nothing happens without a cost.
Compromise allows relationships to last.
Love endures if allowed to grow.

Tears may fall,
Heart may ache, too.
Forgiveness may need given.
All relationships wax and wane,
But true love can prevail!

A love held deep within the heart,
By those willing to play their part.
To risk it all for the other.
Sacrifice some to gain much more!
Compromise is an awesome tool!

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