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Rating:PG13 Created:2008-09-12
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-09-12
Style:General Status:Complete

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  2008 Summer Challenge Winner (Theme: Murphyís Law)


Was I destined to go wrong? Was losing my soul, my conscience one of the things that could go wrong, so it had to go wrong? Was the birth of my darkness inevitable?

I hope so. I donít like to think of a life where Iím anything but a monster. Itís just easier.

Author's Comments:

Winner of the .moon Summer Challenge, Murphy's Law. Thanks so much everyone!

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Review by Bella*Luna 2008-09-14

Gah. I can't believe this beat me! >_> No, I'm just kidding! XD

This was awesome. My mom loved it, too. It is part of the reason that I started watching Dexter. This, and the annoying nagging of my mother....Hehehe.

Wonderful, as usual KR. ^_^

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