Vignette Collection: Husband and Wife by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-09 Modified:2008-10-09
Summary:Nicholas Flamel and Perenelle get married.
Husband and Wife

Nicholas just stared. He could not believe how lucky he was at this moment. His beautiful Perenelle had promised to hold him, love him, support him, and be with him the rest of his life!

Little did Nicholas know that day a few years previous that the woman, who walked into his bookshop, would one day be his wife! Perenelle had come in to purchase a gift for her husband. He was ill and loved to learn about different lands, so thought that maybe a book about a foreign land would be just the thing to keep his mind busy, and perhaps assist him in resting so that he could get well. Nicholas had assisted her in picking out a book about Egypt that her husband never got to enjoy because within a week he had died.

It had been another year until Nicholas met Perenelle again at a luncheon at a friend’s house. She had looked lovely in the pale blue gown she had worn. Her blue eyes had sparkled and had caught his attention, much more this time then at their first meeting. Her sky blue eyes had also given him inspiration to nickname her “Oiseau Bleu” or “bluebird”. His emerald green eyes had caused her to call him her “E´meraude”.

Her power to entice him and fill him with love and happiness filled him up again. She shared many of his interests, including alchemy. Nicholas knew after their first meeting that she would keep him under her spell from that day forward. Their spiritual needs matched, their work ethics were the same, and they both had dreams of one day creating a Philosopher’s Stone. Together they knew they could be happy however long their lives would be, side by side forever more!

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