General Library: Good Bye by Lady Yue

Rating:PG13 Created:2012-07-02
Genre:Angst Updated:2012-07-12
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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The hardest thing about death is not the dying, but saying good bye to your loved ones.

Author's Comments:

This story is a one-shot that I wrote for a InuYasha story that I started writing a few years ago. Iím in the process of debating on whether I wish to blow the dust off that old story and finish it. However, the way this story was written allows it to stand alone regardless if that other piece is never shared again.

Also on another note, while this story is written to hint at a Sesshoumaru/Kagura pairing, I am not adverse to Sesshoumaru/Rin pairing as long as it well thought out and done right.

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