Vignette Collection: Her Favorite Color by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2007-03-01 Modified:2007-03-01
Summary:Red was her favorite color...
Her Favorite Color

February Challenge- OTP Minako & Kunzite
Theme Fourteen: Red

Red was her favorite color.

One could hardly guess by the bright yellows and gold encasing her athletic frame now. Before-- before everything changed-- it had been the only thing she wore. Red described her; passionate, emotional, and loud, everything a princess of Venus should be. But the day came when red faded to gold, and she became who she was meant to be, not who she was. She could no longer wear whatever color she wished. Gold became her life; beautiful but cold, no more alive than the chain around her hips. She began to forget what it was to be red, to be full of happiness and sorrow; to be herself.

Then he came. He reminded her of who she was before, and was the only one to bring color to her pale cheeks. She began to forget the duties wrapped in gold, and let her heart shine once more. He understood what is was to chained by a color, by a duty not chosen. He was the only one she ever told about her passion for red, and one day he gave her a red silk bow to tie up the loose strands of her hair. At that moment red meant more to her than her favorite color. It was a symbol for everything that she once lost, and a beacon of hope for everything she wished to have.

She wore it every day from then on: The day they spent caressing under blackberry bushes, the day he told her he loved her beneath a waning moon, the day the sun gave birth to a new enemy, the day their affair broke the hearts of their friends, the day he turned against her. The day he killed her and he made her uniform run with red.

She wears it now, as she watches from afar as four young girls pretend to be superheroes, even though she doesn't know why. She simply understands it's as much a part of her as her arm and without it, she would never feel whole.

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Review by Bella*Luna 2007-03-06

This is amazingly powerful for how short it is.

I love it. It is very well written, completely portrays how you want us to think Venus is f... (more)

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