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Rating:PG Created:2007-01-19
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-07-31
Style:General Status:Complete

Goodbye to You (PHP)


Makoto makes peace with the death of her family.

Author's Comments:

My first song-fic.

Thanks to Araya for reading through it and catching all the stuff I messed up.

Hope you guys like it ^.^

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Review by Araya 2007-01-23

Okay so I read it already and it truly hit me the first time reading it but now that I don't have to catch mistakes, I can really appreciate the beauty of this piece. You reach so far into Makoto's life, her characterization and give us a little background to answer all those unanswered questions. You play with many diverse emotions that you lead the reader to believe that this is an angst fic. Yet, it isn't. The ending is filled with content, appreciation, happiness, and the knowledge that she... (more)
Review by Jessica Pendragon 2007-01-23

I really like the Makoto you portrayed here. She's real and flawed, and every emotion she was feeling I could relate to if I was in her shoes. Every scene was poignant and led into the next one flawlessly. I liked a lot of the phrases you used, especially- "Her mind was rolling like a projector, showing her images of memories that she had almost forgotten." And I LOVE that song! :) Got me threw a lot back in the day too! Good job Shel!

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