Critiques for Modern Day by kelleh

Critique by waterflu 2007-01-28

I love this one! It's so complicated, my favourite part is the shield.
Critique by olesia 2006-10-31

I adore the detail in this. For an exercise in texture, you succeeded marvelously in this. I love the grain of the wood, the fabric of the cloak, the sheer tiny detail of the fraying edges of his gloves. It's difficult to choose a favorite part, because it is all balanced in quality, which is wonderful.
Critique by preshrunken 2006-01-06

This is probably my favourite artwork from you. I love the entire concept and layout of it. I just think it's simply fantastic. If you're working on inking and texturing, it looks like you've nailed it down pack. ;)

Anyways, it's marvelous!

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