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Fandom:Original Fiction
Rating:PG13 Created:2007-12-14
Genre:Dark Updated:2007-12-14
Style:General Status:Complete

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What do you think would be the worst part about dying?

Author's Comments:

This is about twenty words over being a vignette, so apologies on the shortness and... vignette-y feel. But I kind of like that it's a bit over the limit so that I can ramble in the comments section.

"Fly or Die" is actually one of my favorite stories from this semester (mostly for the one-liners). The assignment was to write a story with dialogue only, which is probably another reason why I like it so much. This was one of my three stories that went into the class anthology. I tried my best on the revision to make the characters have different voices - problem is, I can hear the differences since my writing tends to formulate as mini-movies in my head, but other people have problems.

Let me know what you think!

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