General Library: The Samurai by Huitzil

Fandom:Legend of the Five Rings
Rating:G Created:2007-12-22
Genre:Romance Updated:2007-12-23
Style:General Status:Complete

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A young man of the villainous Scorpion clan, not yet a samurai, falls in love at first sight. She's a Crane, noble, elegant, perfect, and totally beyond his level. All Scorpion wear masks, and foolishly he thinks this means they're the only ones.

Author's Comments:

A short, feel-good Legend of the Five Rings fic.

I wrote this a year or so ago for a challenge on the forums at where the theme was to involve the "gempukku", growing from a child to a true samurai. The challenge was posted two years ago, so I was a bit past the deadline.

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