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Rating:PG13 Created:2008-01-26
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-03-11
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete

In the desert, the sand is awashed in blood (PHP)
Bury the memories and lay it to rest (PHP)
Mark the end (PHP)


Three part series concerning Sailor Mars during the Silver Millennium:

Story I - On Mars, there are ancient songs of the Queens and their dragons...

Story II - Mars and Venus wait for the last dance

Story III - Words can't stop the end from coming, but there's someone that Mars wishes to say goodbye to, one last time

Author's Comments:

Niko-Lysandra of Cressida - Sailor Mercury
Kasra Kadri - Sailor Mars
N. Apollonia Sca. Triaria - Sailor Venus
Folami Adaeze Ekundayo - Sailor Jupiter
Serenity - Princess of the Moon
Earthlings names will be based on Japanese

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