General Library: The Gladiator and the Spy by blue

Rating:PG13 Created:2008-03-09
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-03-19
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete

Sofa talk (PHP)
The memories of Cressida (PHP)
Arena (PHP)


These three stories features mainly Jupiter and Mercury during the Silver Millennium:

Story I - Two women by a window, speak openly about portraits and opinions...

Story II - A cat and a spy watches a girl

Story III - In the arena, all masks are off, while a queen and a gladiator champion fights

Author's Comments:

Niko-Lysandra of Cressida - Sailor Mercury
Kasra Kadri - Sailor Mars
N. Apollonia Sca. Triaria - Sailor Venus
Folami Adaeze Ekundayo - Sailor Jupiter
Serenity - Princess of the Moon
Earthlings names will be based on Japanese

Part of my Silver Millennium series for sm_monthly

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