General Library: To Become a Lady by Catalinabella

Rating:PG Created:2008-05-05
Genre:Romance Updated:2008-06-12
Style:General Status:Complete

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Rini is turning seventeen and about to complete her dream of becoming a lady. But where is Helios?

Author's Comments:

This is my very first fanfic. It's already posted on and I used the feedback from there to tweak it a bit. I'm pretty much done obsessing with it, but please tell me what you think, I am very open to constructive criticism. After all, I'm new at this. I am in the process of writing another Rini/Helios fic that will be much longer and involved, so any advice is much appreciated! I just noticed that the parts in italics didn't carry over for some reason. So for reference purposes, the first little section is a scene from the anime (english dub) and the parts that are in the first person but not quotes are Rini's thoughts. Sailor Moon belongs to the amazing Naoko Takeuchi , but this fic is mine. Enjoy!

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