General Library: Search for the Missing Past by Heavenly Pearl

Fandom:Princess Tutu
Rating:PG Created:2008-05-23
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-10-10
Style:General Status:Complete

Act 1: Nightmare Memory (Text)
Act 2: The Golden Light (Text)
Act 3: Reunion (Text)
Act 4: Hope (Text)
Act 5: Good News (Text)
Act 6: Recognition (Text)
Act 7: Extended Family (Text)
Act 8: Coming Clean (Text)
Act 9: Meeting the Family (Text)
Act 10: Mark of Gisela (Text)
Act 11: Conflicted Feelings (Text)
Act 12: An Impossible Decision (Text)
Act 13: Goodbye (Text)


Rue should be happy. She's finally married to the prince of her dreams, but a part of her heart is still empty. When Rue and Mytho unexpectedly return to Kinkan, she decides to embark on a search for her human family.

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