General Library: Serenity of Golden Hair by Loki

Rating:R Created:2008-05-31
Genre:Drama Updated:2010-02-02
Style:Fantasy Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Prologue The Obsidian Dream (PHP)
Chapter 2 Serenity of Golden Hair (PHP)
Chapter Three Moon Song (PHP)
Envoy (PHP)
Fall of Ravensong (PHP)
The Bloody Eclipse (PHP)
Daughter of Chaos (PHP)
Celestial Exiles (PHP)
Pandora’s Child (PHP)
Cluster of Power (PHP)
Moon Blood (PHP)
Lunarian Insurrection (PHP)
Lady of the Silver Moon Part I (PHP)
Lady of the Silver Moon Part II (PHP)
Lady of the Silver Moon Part III (PHP)
Lady of the Silver Moon Part IV (PHP)
Epilogue And So a New Dream Unfolds (PHP)


A Ribbon of black and one of silver intertwined by a dark queen.

But the light of hope, that of Serenity burns bright amid the chaos.

Can the rift between two moons and their conflict be resolved before all is lost?

Author's Comments:

Inspired by the myth of Repunzal

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