General Library: Deepest Darkness by MithrilQuill

Fandom:Harry Potter
Rating:PG13 Created:2008-10-04
Genre:Dark Updated:2008-11-04
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Throw Glory to the Wind (PHP)
Robbed of Grief (PHP)
Invisible (PHP)
Jeremiah (PHP)
Ghostly Memory (PHP)
Malaika (PHP)
Fear (PHP)
Identité (PHP)
Legacy (PHP)
Blind (PHP)
Knight to E4 (PHP)
Single Malt Whiskey (PHP)
Merry Little Flame (PHP)
A Badger’s Craft (PHP)
The Board is Set (PHP)
Nine Sparrows (PHP)
Scientifically Speaking (PHP)
Firefighter (PHP)
The Pieces are Ready (PHP)
Twenty (PHP)
Battles of Thought (PHP)
Phoenix (PHP)
Remus’s Reflections (PHP)
The War Begins (PHP)
Toaster (PHP)
Unweaving (PHP)
Birth of a Hero (PHP)
Hogwarts (PHP)
Flames in the East (PHP)
Epilogue (PHP)


Red and Purple flashes lit the dark sky down below as the youngest of Hogwarts’ soldiers patrolled the periphery of the besieged castle. “Perhaps it is, Alastor, perhaps it is. After all they do have a Muggle saying that ignorance is bliss.”

Author's Comments:

Seventh Year fic written before DH. I haven't chosen "main characters" because there are too many of them as is the case for many of my most recent fics!

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