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Rating:R Created:2008-10-31
Genre:Romance Updated:2009-03-06
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Reality

Second of the month (PHP)
Stacks on Me (PHP)
CHAPTER THREE: 35,000 – 6 = 34,994 good times (PHP)
CHAPTER FOUR: The Second Rule is “Don’t Leave Empties in the Shower” (PHP)


Sometimes art doesn't pay the bills. Sometimes something else does. Sometimes this causes problems in the most solid of relationships. Welcome to adulthood. All characters will appear, but mainly MinaxKunz.

Author's Comments:

Rating is R for language and sex, and future chapters may warrant an NC17 rating. Nothing disturbing, I just don't want to get in trouble by lowballing it.

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Review by LovelyLytton 2009-02-09

I just read the first chapter and I am already swooning because Kevin is so perfect that it makes me all achy. Strangely, him not picking out his clothes and new home did it for me. There is something about the way you write him that makes him terribly attractive. Also, I like how different he and Mina are. And that you had her be an artist is a very clever idea, it works beautifully.

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